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We firmly believe that our employees drive the success of the company. With success in mind as the ultimate goal, we strive to create and provide an environment that offers challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding opportunities.

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Corporate Responsibility

MYCOM recognises that our environmental, social and ethical conduct has an impact on our business and reputation. We therefore take our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously and are committed to advancing our policies and systems across the Company to ensure we address and monitor all aspects of CSR that are relevant to our business. These include good ethical behaviour, concern for employee health and safety, care for the environment and community involvement.

The Executive Board takes ultimate responsibility for CSR and is committed to developing and implementing appropriate policies while adhering to a fundamental commitment to create and sustain long term value for shareholders.


Good environmental practice and the impact that our operations have on the environment are of great importance to MYCOM. The main aim of MYCOM’s Environmental Policy is to comply with all applicable environmental legislation in all jurisdictions in which we operate and to adopt responsible environmental practices.

Where possible, business units monitor energy consumption and all business units continue to take positive steps to reduce energy consumption.

Environmental waste management in the group continues to improve with most business units operating waste minimisation schemes mainly focusing on increased recycling.


MYCOM aims to attract, retain and motivate the highest calibre of employees and encourages their contribution and development.

We are committed to providing equality of opportunity to all existing and prospective employees without unlawful or unfair discrimination.


MYCOM expects that all of its business is conducted in compliance with high ethical standards of business practice. We apply these standards to all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our Ethics Policy ensures that the Company's business is conducted in adherence with high ethical and legal principles and sets standards of professionalism and integrity for all employees and operations worldwide.

Health and Safety

MYCOM's Health and Safety Policy places responsibility for the management of health and safety on local management.  It is the Company's intention that each business unit should have a senior individual designated as being responsible for ensuring the business unit conforms to local statutory health and safety regulations as well as the Company Policy.

All business units are responsible for providing employees with a written health and safety policy.


MYCOM strives to be a responsible partner in the communities in which we operate.  Our businesses are encouraged to support the particular needs of their population by contributing to local charities and participating in community initiatives.